Carmody and Associates, with Kelly Carmody as President, provides consulting services that bring a passion for justice. 

Kelly Carmody has more than 24 years of experience working at the local, state and national levels in a variety of civil justice areas, resulting in extensive expertise.  Consulting services are available in a broad range of areas, including the following:

Access to Justice Initiatives                                                 Strategic Planning

Delivery System Improvements                                   Pro Bono Development

Grant & Project Development and Administration      Resource Development

Program Assessment and Peer Review            Policy Analysis and Advocacy

IOLTA Revenue Enhancement             Loan Repayment Assistance Programs

All types of civil justice organizations, including legal services programs, IOLTA organizations, pro bono programs, access to justice commissions, bar associations, foundations and national civil justice organizations benefit from Carmody and Associates' experience and vision.


To explore consulting opportunities with Carmody and Associates, contact Kelly Carmody at or 602-277-7008.